Employee Referral PLUS Program Guidelines


Effective dates: August 1-November 30, 2023

  • Referred employee must have a start date of 12/31/23 or before to qualify for the vacation giveaway drawing.
  • Winning Employees (“Winner”) and referred employee must be active and in good standing.*
  • Drawing for each business line will take place on or before December 8, 2023.
  • Winner must be employed at time the trip is taken.
  • Should winner resign or terminate within 90-days of taking their trip, they will forfeit the trip and/or be responsible to refund all cost Marquis/Consonus/AgeRight (The Company) incurred for the trip.
  • Winner must schedule time off with their Supervisor, according to the vacation or PTO policy, and use time off within the allotted time available to them, and have it approved prior to committing to the travel agent.
  • Winner is to use only the designated travel agent the Company provides.
  • Any fees for the trip that the travel agent books that exceed $2500, is the Winner’s responsibility.
  • Should the full $2500 not be used in the booking of the trip by travel agent, the Winner is not cashed out or paid out the difference or any remaining funds.
  • Winners funds cannot be used for annual passes to parks or recreation venues.

*Good standing means that they have not received disciplinary action within the prior 90-days prior of 11/30/23.

Employee Referral Forms

Marquis Companies
Consonus Pharmacy – West Coast
Consonus Pharmacy – Midwest
Consonus Rehab
AgeRight Care At Home