Charles & Erma

Marquis Vermont Hills

Three days ago my wife Erma returned home after seventeen days of Marquis rehabilitation following her surgery on April 4 for a broken hip. During the time I spent a good deal of time with Erma as did my daughters and sons. We witnessed first hand the unfailing excellent care given to the elderly who, in the words of one author, are "humanity in its poorest state, reduced to waiting for whatever will happen, with little interest, a silent wait". The same author described nursing homes as "the places from which the prayers of the poor rise up to the Father because they are accompanied by their lives, their tiredness, their drudgery, their helplessness, their poverty."

What my family and I witnessed and learned about at Marquis day after day was fine, professional service for the elderly given always with courtesy, respect, patient kindness and compassion. Your program and work make people well. Thank you.

Wendy Ballard Turner


The love and the support and the encouragement and the opportunities to live life... all those things have been provided for him here.

Melanie Bjerke

Marquis Silver Gardens

Being a Silverton community member and employee in the senior health industry, I love having a LOCAL resource to refer to and work with. Every time I have visited Silver Gardens I have received a warm, sincere welcome - something that seems so "expected" but certainly this is not always the case in this industry. I applaud Jennifer, McKenzie, and Katy for their professionalism, kindness and excellent care of their staff and patients. Silverton is a close-knit community that cares about every age group, and Silver Gardens is handling one of our most fragile populations, our seniors, with integrity and compassion every single day.


Family Member

They treated their guests here not as patients but as loved ones. That elevated the experience in a way that, I would say, I would only bring my family to Marquis. I wouldn't take them anywhere else.

Nancy Harper

Marquis Mill Park

On behalf of William T Harper and myself I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for your kindness and care of William. All of the people who took care of him were so very kind and thoughtful. You have such an incredible facility. Thank you for all that you did for William.

Monte and Melody

Post Acute Rehab

Feel proud of what you do because that's not just a career, not just a profession. It's an art, it's a gift, and it changes people’s lives.

Maxine Tammany

Marquis Silver Gardens

I can't say enough about the staff at Silver Gardens! I have had the pleasure of working with them for several years. I am always greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. You can tell a lot about a community by how happy the staff and residents are. Silver Gardens excels in the care they provide the residents and in the support they provide their staff. We at Brighton Hospice sincerely appreciate working with you!


Assisted Living

You can't give them a gift, so all you can say is 'thank you,' and mean it.


Post Hospital Care

With therapy I'm walking! They really helped me get my confidence back by working with me and fighting for me.


Assisted Living

It couldn't be better than it is. And that's my pitch!