What is Post Hospital Care for Seniors?

When a senior loved one needs specialized care following a hospital stay, families often must make quick decisions about where their beloved senior should receive these services. Here, we explain what post hospital care entails and offer tips to help you make the best choice for your elderly parent or loved one.

Understanding Post Hospital Care

elderly-couple-walkingThe term “post hospital care” refers to services patients receive after hospitalization, while recovering from surgery, an accident, an illness, or any other situation that requires more than a few days in the hospital.

Seniors often require post acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing services, mobility assistance, and medication management following a hospital stay. These services are usually provided at a post hospital care facility, but sometimes patients undergo this care at home.

Before discharge, the hospital will share information about the patient’s specific follow-up care needs. That packet will list nearby facilities that offer the necessary level of care. It’s then up to the senior and their family to choose the place they deem best suited for their needs.

Knowing how to find and choose a highly-rated care facility will help the whole family feel at ease, and allow the senior patient to recuperate comfortably.

Why Is Post Hospital Care Important?

People of any age can require post hospital care following a serious health incident, as an interim measure before returning home. For the elderly, this is a particularly important step because seniors face increased health risks following a hospital stay. This gives them a chance to rest and build up their strength in the care of trained staff.

At Marquis, we understand the unique needs of seniors after a hospital stay. We provide clinical expertise and personalized care in a comfortable setting. Our highly trained therapeutic staff is available to meet your loved one’s specific therapy needs, including physical, occupational, speech, and more.

What to Do When Your Senior Loved One is Being Discharged from the Hospital

Families often wonder how to find a quality post hospital care facility, especially amid the whirlwind of a loved one’s hospital stay. Here are several tips.

  1. Meet with the hospital’s discharge planner as early as possible. Get clarity around which services your elderly parent will need and how long recovery might last. You can also ask whether home care is an option.
  2. Investigate post hospital care facilities. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has a wealth of resources on their website. CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System which is used to rate nursing homes and senior health care facilities. In addition, you’ll want to do your own vetting by reading testimonials, viewing any tour videos the facility may have, and more. The Center for Medicare Advocacy has some great resources you can use. We invite you to reach out to Marquis, where we excel at post hospital care and have a proven track record of positive outcomes.
  3. Ask about the admissions process and insurance coverage. Quality facilities will connect you with their team of staff dedicated to ensuring the transfer goes smoothly. This will help your loved one feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive.
  4. Throughout this process, share the decision making with your senior loved one as much as possible. A recent study found that 85% of seniors want to understand the next steps in their care journey.

Taking the time to navigate each of these steps will help your senior loved one smoothly transition into post hospital care and receive the best possible treatment after hospitalization.

Learn About Our Post Hospital Care Expertise for Seniors

For more than 30 years Marquis has provided exceptional senior care through every step of the aging journey. We understand that families and seniors want standards of care that are not simply adequate, but exceptional. That’s the kind of service you’ll find at Marquis.

Contact us today to discuss post hospital care and other options for your loved one.

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