Marquis 30th Anniversary

October 15, 2019


Organization Looks Ahead with a Mission to Continue to Cultivate Vitality,
Provide the Best in Senior Care and Shape the Future


MILWAUKIE, Ore. Nov. 22, 2019 — Three decades ago, a seed was planted with a new vision for senior care. Today that seed has grown into a vibrant ecosystem, as Marquis Companies celebrates 30 years of helping people create the best, rest of their lives. And the organization is looking ahead to an even more promising future.

“Our 30th anniversary is a great occasion to reflect on who we are and where we’re going,” said Marquis CEO Phil Fogg. “And it’s a time for us to look forward. Society’s mindset toward elderly people and aging is evolving, and so is how we care for seniors and shape the future for our industry as a whole. Marquis’ impact is expanding far and wide with exciting new initiatives that we could never have imagined when we got started. We’re so proud of where we are today, and the best is yet to come.”


Family history in long-term care sparks passion for the future of senior care

With four generations in the long-term care industry, Phil was engaged with caring for seniors from age 13, and in 1989 he purchased his first nursing home in Portland. With a passion for treating the people they served with care and empathy, Phil and his team have grown Marquis Companies to 23 senior care campuses in Oregon, California and Nevada, and three subsidiaries:

  • Consonus Healthcare, providing rehab, pharmacy, and consulting services to more than 300 facilities nationwide. Its Co-Pilot analytics platform is unparalleled in the industry, monitoring measurable data collection in real time. It has been instrumental in helping facilities maintain their revenue reimbursement under Medicare’s new patient-driven payment model (PDPM), while delivering the best possible care.
  • AgeRight Care Management Solutions, an innovator in post-acute care that strives to expedite integrated, high-quality care to patients while keeping costs down. Its AgeRight Advantage Plan goes beyond Original Medicare to include a dedicated nurse practitioner leading a personalized plan.
  • AgeRight Care at Home , providing individualized and comprehensive levels of in-home clinical care and personal assistance.


An unwavering commitment to excellence and care guides growth

From the start three decades ago, Phil was committed to improving clinical benchmarks, as well as changing the organizational culture to make the environment more positive for clients and employees. He built a team that viewed their work with those in their care as a journey, and a leadership group that reinforced that core belief further. The challenges were immense, but they ushered in opportunities for learning and growth.

Since then, Marquis has earned a reputation for expertise and quality within the senior care industry. Decade after decade, its facilities and services have excelled in clinical care, client outcomes and compliance according to a number of national measures, and staff retention is twice the industry average.

As Marquis’ CEO, Phil too has long been an advocate for long-term care in Oregon as well as an influential thought leader at the national level. He is a champion for fair and predictable reimbursement systems, resident care quality outcomes and workforce development initiatives, and is a board member of the American Health Care Association.


New Chapters Program and Vital Life Foundation emerge through a mission of vitality

Marquis has cultivated unique and empowering programs that live out its mission: to promote the vitality within each of its clients and staff members. For example, its New Chapters Program is designed to fulfill a senior’s wish to reach a rehabilitation recovery goal, experience an important life event or cross something off their bucket list.

And the Vital Life Foundation aims to provide meaning in the lives of seniors and staff members. Its philosophy stems from a commitment to meet people where they are on their aging journey so that incredible opportunities can happen. The foundation has contributed nearly $4 million to various organizations since it was formed in 2008.

Plenty has changed since 1989, and Marquis’ innovative vision to be a different kind of senior care provider — providing clinical excellence, being the best in the industry and always doing the right thing — has guided the way. It champions the journey of its clients, whether they are receiving care for five years, five months or five days. Marquis has grown into a forward-looking organization with a positive and passionate culture. Its 30-year anniversary marks an opportunity to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and aspire for an even more fulfilling future.

About Marquis Companies

Marquis Companies provide post-acute care, long-term care, assisted living, at-home care and memory care throughout its 23 facilities in Oregon, California, Idaho and Nevada. Marquis’ sister company, Consonus, provides pharmacy, rehabilitation, staffing and consulting to the long-term care community. Both family-owned companies share the mission to promote the vitality within their employees and everyone the companies serve – and created its Vital Life Foundation to fulfill that mission. For more information, visit




A legacy is built on reflection, passion, life, and living. It’s about needing the wisdom that came before us and imparting ours to the next generation. To leave a legacy is to have lived a vital life – while helping others experience it to the fullest. It has been our honor at Marquis to be part of so many rich and beautiful journeys.

We introduce you to the first in a three-part video series to celebrate our 30th anniversary. This video focuses on the roots and the beginnings of Marquis Companies.



For three decades, supported by its roots and nourished by its culture, the Marquis tree added one strengthening ring after another. Weathering storms along the way, it grew stronger with each passing year.

In this, the second of a three-part video series celebrating our 30th anniversary, founder and CEO Phil Fogg and other business line leaders reflect on the growth of Marquis and the creation of Consonus Rehab and Pharmacy—and explore the core philosophies that made it all possible.




The final video in this three-part series celebrating our 30th anniversary focuses on the future and the impact Marquis Companies is having on transforming senior care. The future is patient-centered care, AgeRight, Co-Pilot, Home Health, Boomers, VLF, Employee Recruitment & Retention, and Models of Care.