Vital Life Foundation Annual Report 2016

June 26, 2017 by Vital Life Foundation

For the Vital Life Foundation, 2016 had all the elements of a blockbuster movie—minus the over-priced Milk Duds.

It offered an engaging plot with radiant star power. Heroic journeys and triumphs of love. Life-affirming laughter and soul-cleansing tears, with ample suspense and an oh-soinspirational ending.

Except that it wasn’t a movie. It was spectacularly real.

Real dollars—a record $1 million-plus—were raised by 1,841 real donors on behalf of real charitable partners and causes. Through Spirit Club, real Marquis and Consonus staff—1,431 of them—donated to Vital Life straight from their very real pay checks. With every dollar and volunteer hour given, the Foundation created real opportunities for those living and working in long-term care to live real, authentic lives of meaning and purpose.

Nothing was scripted. Nobody yelled, “Cut! Let’s try that again, this time with feeling.” Every performance was right the first time—rooted in the perfection of reality.

Like the long-term care employees who climbed the Stratosphere to fight lung disease. Or the residents who knit hundreds of tiny hats for vulnerable children. Or the World War II veterans who experienced a nation’s thanks. Or 95-year-old Doris, who learned through art that, “It’s never too late to try something new.”

Like any good movie, we didn’t always know where the story was taking us in 2016. But the ride was exhilarating—and with your help, next year’s sequel will be just as incredible.

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