Staffing Agency Limits – Potential for Success

September 12, 2023 by McKnight's Long Term Care News

McKnight’s Long Term Care News

Staffing Agency Limits – Potential for Success

The effects of recent staffing agency cap legislation in Oregon remain uncertain, particularly regarding potential pay rate reductions and their ability to draw workers back to permanent roles within the state. The new laws mandate Oregon’s Health Licensing Office to investigate complaints against temp staffing agencies, with the authority to impose fines or revoke their state operation licenses. Additionally, the legislation requires the Oregon Health Authority to set pay rate limits for staffing agencies.

Steve Fogg, Chief Financial Officer Marquis Companies, shared the following with McKnight’s on the rate cap legislation:

“In my opinion, the primary goal of the rate cap is to ‘level the playing field’ in terms of how much we as facility operators can pay our permanent workers versus how much temp staffing agencies can pay their workforce,” Fogg told McKnight’s. “They do not have the same barriers, such as regulated rates and minimum staffing requirements, etc., that we do, which allows them to offer more dollars an hour upon hire. If the ultimate rate cap methodology solves this, then it will be wildly successful.”

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