Marquis Hope Village Builds On-Campus Light Display for Residents

December 2, 2020 by CanbyFirst

At the close of a difficult year, Marquis Companies is hoping to end on a positive note for long-term care residents at its Hope Village campus in Canby, with a first-of-its-kind, walk-through holiday light display.

Activity Director Courtney Hohensee tells The Canby Current that this time of year, she would normally be organizing a series of the ever-popular “Christmas lights drives.”

“We usually drive around Canby several times a week and check out everybody’s lights,” she says. “We have a full bus every time. Everyone loves it.”

Because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic — to which those who are older and infirm are known to be more at risk — that won’t be possible this year.

If Hohensee and Marquis Hope Village couldn’t bring residents to the lights, they decided to bring the lights to their residents, with a crowd-sourced display that the community is helping put on.

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