Marquis-Consonus’ Steve Fogg: ‘Creative’ Funding, Education Will Pave Route to Success

February 7, 2022 by McKnight's Long-term Care News

After two years of operating during a public health emergency, skilled nursing leaders are looking to reinvigorate their workforces, facilities and the industry. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News asks: What will it take to advance “Onward and Upward?”

Even some of the most progressive long-term care executives have had to put deep, strategic initiatives aside while coping with historically challenging pandemic conditions.

But there will soon be a time — maybe even this month — when attention and resources start to shift toward strategies that have been paused. That is the view of optimistic industry veteran Steve Fogg, CFO for Marquis Companies and Consonus Healthcare, and a fourth-generation long-term care executive.

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