Marquis Companies Announces Implementation of Voyce On-Demand Language Interpretation

July 29, 2021 by Marquis Companies

Marquis Companies, a fifth generation senior service provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Voyce professional language interpretation services to help residents, their families, and staff, communicate effectively when parties do not speak the same primary language.

Real-time access to live, professional interpreters through the Voyce app via a mobile device allows Marquis staff and caregivers to communicate with residents and their families when filling out admission paperwork, conducting consultations, gathering assessment data, hosting social visits or physician visits, and assisting with resident communications and interventions. Voyce’s network of interpreters have undergone more than 60 hours of professional medical interpreter training, ensuring they offer service that is HIPAA compliant and can effectively translate medical terminology.

“The Voyce app is designed to help anyone struggling to communicate effectively due to a language barrier, be it physicians, senior living caregivers, or healthcare workers,” says Andrew Royce, CEO of Voyce. “Our expansive network of medically trained interpreter staff represents more than 235 languages and dialects, ensuring that no matter how many different languages are spoken across the Marquis network, we have a live person who can help you facilitate the conversation.”

“Our staff is thrilled with the ease of use of the Voyce app when accessed through the facility’s mobile phones and devices,” says Lynn Hughs Jensen, Recreational Activities Consultant for Marquis Companies. “The simplicity of selecting a language, pushing the button to call an interpreter, communicating with a resident and the families who care about them, has in a short time resulted in a positive experience where everyone is able to understand each other.”

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