Journey of Heroes Deserves Showing, Not Telling

December 15, 2016 by McKnight's Long-term Care News

Every year about this time, I tell you eagerly and often weepily about “The Trip.” The one where 12 veterans, many of them from World War II and living in long-term care, get to hop on a plane to Washington, DC, to see first-hand the memorials created in their honor.

It’s called the Journey of Heroes, an annual adventure sponsored by Wish of a Lifetime and the Vital Life Foundation. I’ve been privileged to tag along on the past four of these missions shooting photos and video, trying my little heart out to somehow capture the spirit of it all so people like you can better understand what happened and why it’s so meaningful.

Usually, telling this story involves all the emotional and flowery language I can muster, and by the time I’m finished writing about it, there’s an empty box of Kleenex at my elbow, tissues piled high around my feet and smoke pouring from the attic at This year, I’ve finally given up on words, since to show is infinitely better than to tell.

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