Marquis Forest Grove donates baskets to hospital to help mom honor child who died

May 12, 2016 by Forest Grove News Times

The day before Mother’s Day three years ago, Rachelle Chrismer’s son died.

His death came after the nine years Chrismer’s family spent in and out of hospitals — on birthdays, holidays, weekends and many Mother’s Days.

Her son, Zach West, suffered from Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, a diagnosis he didn’t receive until almost eight years had passed from the time Zach started getting sick at age three. The disease is rare and affects the nervous system, eventually leaving kids unable to speak or move freely.

When Zach passed away at age 12, Chrismer was devastated. Her grief hits particularly hard around Mother’s Day, an annual reminder of the ultimate loss she feels as a mom. “This is an awful week for me,” said Chrismer. “Every week is an awful week for me but this one especially.”

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