AHCA Battles ‘Crisis’ with New Long-term Care Job Education Campaign

January 12, 2023 by McKnight's Long Term Care News

“The workforce shortage is creating serious access issues. In rural communities, you’re literally seeing facilities close because they cannot get the staff to meet not only their state and federal requirements but to care for the people in that community”, said Phil Fogg, President of the AHCA/NCAL board of directors and the President and CEO of Marquis Companies.

On Wednesday, the American Healthcare Association launched a national campaign to battle the current staffing crisis in the long-term care industry.

This campaign dubbed, Careers in Caring, gives providers tools and resources to attract and retain staff by using:

  • Informational Videos about Long-Term Care Career Paths
  • Social Media Content and Templates
  • Press Release Resources and Messaging Materials

With strategic messaging and a two-pronged approach, Careers in Caring seeks to communicate the benefits of long-term care in an individual’s career growth, and the “calling” or larger purpose that is associated with serving seniors through this time in their lives.

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