Cindi Ulam Martin
Continuing Education Scholarship Fund

About Cindi: Passion, Devotion, and a Smile

Cindi Martin had a passion for patients, staff, and her company. Cindi joined the Marquis family in 2009 as a facility resident care manager and made an immediate impact. Her unwavering dedication to the elderly, and desire to always do the right thing, quickly caught the eye of corporate leadership. “Her passion alone drew us to her,” recalls April Diaz, vice president for clinical services. “When a nurse consultant role opened up in 2014, we knew exactly who we wanted, and it was Cindi.”

With a focus on training new resident care managers, she excelled in teaching and building relationships, and was known for her thoughtfulness, patience, openness, and dry sense of humor. Teaching other nurses was the core of her job and one that she enjoyed most, all while maintaining a high focus on quality for the residents. As an experienced former RCM herself, her students trusted and respected her as a mentor and friend.

“Cindi contributed highly to the strength of our clinical competencies within our nurse leadership, and she left a gap we’re still trying to fill.” — April Diaz

When times were toughest, Cindi was always eager to support and serve. As a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 struck a Marquis senior care facility in the early days of the pandemic, she responded with incredible courage and devotion. She quickly stepped in to unflinchingly face the unknown, working day and night alongside overwhelmed staff and frightened residents.

Throughout the ordeal, Cindi was a bulwark of love and calm—just as she had always been in her personal life, and in her career at Marquis. Sadly, she passed away just a few short months later in a tragic accident, but her sacrifice in that time of crisis perfectly captures the essence of her extraordinary life of service.

But of all the sparkling attributes that were uniquely Cindi, perhaps the greatest was her ever-present smile. She had a smile that would light up the room and help put people at ease. It helped dissolve barriers and defuse conflicts, and when standing up firmly for something she believed in, it turned her into an unstoppable force.

For so many reasons, by all who were privileged to know and work with her, Cindi continues to be deeply missed each and every day. But it’s the memory of her smile that endures most of all.

Cindi’s Legacy

For 25 years, I got to experience Cindi’s love and life as we raised our kids, Gavin and Bryanna, together from infancy to the wonderful young adults that they are today. Her sudden passing left a collective hole in our hearts.

In her passing, her legacy and spirit live on through us, and our family chooses to honor her fiery spirit by offering a scholarship in her name. This scholarship will be awarded to one individual each year (around the time their schooling starts) and will be good for $2000 towards their tuition. I am honored to be working alongside Marquis, Consonus and AgeRight much like Cindi had been. This scholarship is dedicated specifically for employees of Marquis, Consonus or AgeRight who have completed their first year of college and are enrolled in a Registered Nursing program or professional equivalent.

—Jason Martin

Scholarship Details

Candidate Minimum Requirements

  • 1 year of professional schooling completed (not including pre-reqs)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must be an active employee in good standing for Marquis, Consonus or AgeRight
  • Pursuing a degree/license as a:
    • Registered Nurse
    • Physical Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Speech Therapist
    • Pharmacist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Medical Doctor

Application Tasks to be Completed by Candidates

  • Complete the online application/attestation
  • Candidates to submit a one-page essay on why they think should be awarded the scholarship based on the following:
    • Drive
    • Quality
    • Empathy
    • Attention to detail
  • Candidates should submit at least one letter (up to 4) of recommendation from a direct supervisor/leader at Marquis/Consonus/AgeRight that is familiar with their work. The essay and letter(s) of recommendation should be emailed to

All materials are due no later than June 15, 2024 for consideration for the 2024/2025 scholarship.
An individual may receive the scholarship only once. Candidates will be screened by a Marquis designee and all applicant information will be provided to the Martin family. Final scholarship recipient selection will be done by Jason, Gavin, and Bryanna Martin. Provision of Scholarship funds will be conducted by a professional third party.



Past Scholarship Recipients


Heather Meadows, LPN
Marquis Plum Ridge
Pursuing RN License