Understanding Senior Care Acronyms

Starting the journey to find care for a senior loved one can be a daunting task. On top of all the options that are out there, trying to understand the numerous acronyms you’ll encounter can be confusing and frustrating. At Marquis, we think this process should be as easy and stress-free for all as possible. To help you, we’ve gathered the most common senior care acronyms and explained what they stand for.

Marquis’ Options for Your Senior Loved One

At Marquis, we understand that no two aging journeys are the same, and that senior care can be difficult to navigate and manage. That’s why we’ve created a Guide to Senior Care Options for Your Aging Parent, which provides an overview of a variety of living choices. Whether your senior loved one requires specialized care following a hospital stay or long-term support, Marquis offers options to meet his or her unique needs. 

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