What are the Signs Assisted Living is the Right Choice for Your Parent?

Day-to-day life can pose special challenges for your senior loved ones that they may not be ready to acknowledge. It’s important that you help them assess their current situation and develop a plan that will afford them safety and comfort in this stage of their life. How do you know when assisted living is the right choice for your parent? 

3 Ways to Determine the Next Step in Your Loved One’s Care Plan

No two aging journeys are alike, but there are some common experiences seniors face. Here we share some signs to look for so you can keep your loved one safe and healthy.

1) Identify if they are struggling with daily activities.

  • Cooking and cleaning. Is there food in the house that they are able to prepare without assistance? Are they able to maintain a healthy standard of cleanliness, like doing dishes and laundry?
  • Safe environment. Is their home in good condition? Are there any hazards like loose carpet or electrical issues that you need to be aware of? Are any stairs safe to navigate? Is the home free of clutter and debris?
  • Basic home maintenance. Are your parents able to perform basic home maintenance like yard care, or even changing a lightbulb safely? Do they have a handyman who is able to help them for the larger tasks?
  • Pet care. If your loved ones have pets, are they able to care for them? If there is a cat, can they clean the litter box on their own? If they have a dog, are they able to take their pet on walks?

If your parents are struggling in any of these areas, it may be a time to start the conversation about assisted living. Marquis has a checklist you can use to go over the house together and rate the safety of their environment.

2) Determine any unique medical needs.

  • Medication assistance. Do your parents sometimes forget to take important medications on time? Do they have difficulty with opening the bottles or setting a schedule for their medications?
  • Declining health. Do your loved one’s medical issues require more monitoring? Do they need additional care to age safely?
  • Memory care concerns. Have your parents started to show signs of memory loss? Has there been a memory event or diagnosis that has you concerned about their safety?

If any of these concerns apply to your parents, it may be a good time to consider a personal care plan. Our assisted living facilities provide clinical expertise, social activities, and other resources customized for each resident.

3) Start the conversation.

  • Be their advocate. This is a big change for the most important people in your life. Let them know that you are by their side every step of the way through this process.
  • Create a safe space. Don’t react emotionally if there are major concerns. Be calm and gentle in your approach. Back your feelings up with concrete examples. 
  • Listen to their input. This change will affect every part of your loved one’s life. They should have a say in developing a customized plan for continuing the aging journey.

Marquis understands how difficult this conversation can be and has some suggestions about how to approach the subject. 

Marquis’ Senior Assisted Living & Care Options for Your Loved One

For over 30 years,  Marquis Companies has provided innovative continual care for our residents and patients. As the needs and abilities of your senior loved one change, we are able to provide the clinical expertise they need during every stage of their aging journey.

We pride ourselves on person-centered care and will help you and your loved one develop a customized plan that also includes opportunities for social interaction and engaging activities based on their unique wants and needs.

Contact us today to get started.

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