Guide to Senior Community Care Options for Your Aging Parent

The first signs that your parents are entering a stage in the aging journey where they need additional assistance can be subtle. Simple household tasks like vacuuming and keeping up with the dishes can be difficult as our bodies start to change. You might want to offer help, but are not sure where to start.

For many families, the need for care options also becomes apparent with the onset of a health issue, like a fall or a heart attack. Your parents may require specialized care that can be difficult for family members to provide on their own.

At Marquis, we customize our care based on the individual. We offer comprehensive senior living solutions, including independent living cottages, assisted living, post hospital care, memory care, care at home, and more.

What Types of Care Options are Available in Senior Living Communities?

Finding the right community to fit an individual’s health needs as well as their personal interests is vital.

Independent Living

This option is a good fit for those who want to maintain their independence in a community environment with shared services available.

Our beautifully designed cottages are both secure and customized for aging in place. This provides our residents the freedom to maintain their own living space while enjoying amenities such as housekeeping, dining options, and scheduled transportation.

Assisted Living

In an assisted living community, residents may need a bit more help with medical services and medication management. However, they may still enjoy the privacy of their own living space and participating in social activities.

For this reason, nurses are on call 24/7 and additional services like housekeeping and assistance with medications are available to residents.

Marquis’ assisted living campuses consist of thoughtfully designed apartments that give residents the freedom to live on their own, while having important medical services and personnel close at hand.

Care at Home

If your parents are not quite ready to move from their current residence, but you are still concerned about their ability to perform day-to-day tasks, care at home can be a good option.

What kind of services does home care provide? AgeRight at Home offers a customizable range of options from help with housework and dressing, to medical assistance, to palliative end of life care.

What if My Parents Have Serious Medical Needs?

When recovering from a major health event, it is important to have access to expert care in an environment that is both safe and comfortable. At Marquis, our therapeutic recovery teams are passionate about working with the unique needs of the senior community.

Post Hospital Care

Has your parent suffered a recent health event that required hospitalization? Getting the right care after a hospital discharge is a vital part of healing.

Our post hospital care facilities offer the right balance of therapeutic rehabilitation, care, and comfort. Recovery can be a difficult process. With tools like individual personalized care plans, along with onsite physical, speech, and occupational therapy, our highly trained clinical and therapeutic staff provide a steady path to recovery.

Ventilator Care

If a ventilator is required for everyday living, it is important to find a specialized care solution for your loved one. Our ventilator care teams are experienced in working with senior ventilator patients, and strive to provide peace of mind and comfort, along with expert, compassionate care.

Memory Care

The Marquis approach to Alzheimers’ and Memory Care is centered around specially designed facilities and cutting-edge therapeutic programming. Our secure Friendship Houses are specially designed to ease symptoms of Alzhiemer’s and provide an environment that is comforting to residents.

Many of our memory care facilities have in-house provider services, such as beauticians and ophthalmologists, who have experience with the unique needs of memory care residents.

Long Term Care

When considering long term care for aging parents, it’s important to choose a community that focuses on providing thorough and compassionate care.

As your parents enter the final stages of their aging journey, it is vital that palliative and hospice services be included in their long term care plan. Our palliative care team focuses on building calm environments centered around maintaining the comfort and peace of our patients.

As many of our communities provide a full-service continuum of care, your loved one can remain in the same location and environment and still receive the specialized services he or she needs, if their medical conditions change.

How Do I Choose the Best Living Community for Our Family?

When it’s time to explore options for the next stage in your parent’s journey, you’ll want to ask yourself: What type of care facilities do my aging parents need?

It’s important to choose a care partner who will work with you to build a personalized plan. They should also provide you tools to help you understand your options.

Marquis’ Senior Communities & Care Plans

No matter where your parents are in the aging journey, Marquis understands the intricacies of person-centered care and is there to assist every step of the way. We’ve built a culture centered on compassionate care and personalized plans as unique as each of the people we serve.

We take pride in the details. From beautifully designed living spaces, to our innovative approach to therapeutic care, the Marquis team is committed to partnering with each of our residents as they begin the next stage of their journey.Connect with our team today to take the first step.

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