How Occupational Therapy Can Get You Back To Your Best Life

You may know first-hand how a sudden or ongoing illness, injury, or other physical and mental challenges can disrupt life.

You want to get back to your best health as soon as possible. But it’s going to require a temporary move to a facility for rehabilitation and therapy.

When that happens, occupational therapy (OT) is the key to putting you on the fast track home.

That may be back to your own home. Or, for some, to the best of both worlds –– your own private apartment in an assisted living community where you can enjoy friends, activities and amenities, all while getting a little help with anything you need, from food prep to medication management.

Just ask diesel mechanic and Marquis post hospital care patient, Doug Hinkle about how OT returned him to his best life.


Bringing Possibilities Back to Life

After a debilitating stroke and lengthy hospital stay, Doug was no longer safe to remain at home or continue operating his own diesel mechanic business. He moved into Marquis Newberg for post-hospital care, and began working with occupational therapist, Michelle Wood, OTR. His goal: Regain the basic skills needed to return home, and the fine motor skills needed to handle tools and resume work. Today Doug is back in his house, back in his shop and growing stronger every day as he continues his therapy with Michelle.


Marquis’ Problem Solvers

Residents in Marquis’ award-winning senior living communities –  independent and assisted living, long term care, post hospital care, and even memory care – benefit from occupational therapy. Whether its relearning fine motor skills required to prepare food or fold the laundry or regain balance needed to safely maneuver around their home, OT works. And OT can reduce healthcare costs incurred from additional inpatient care or hospitalizations.

“We’re problem solvers!” says Lori Taylor, OTR/L, MBA, and one of our extraordinary occupational therapists at Marquis Companies’ Consonus Healthcare.



3 Tips For Success With Occupational Therapy

As part of April’s Occupational Therapy Month and this year’s theme, “Bring Possibilities Back to Life” here are Lori’s three recommendations for you or your loved one to get the most out of your occupational therapy.


Tip #1 Be Transparent Regarding What Matters Most To You

“Those of us in the occupational therapy profession, pride ourselves on being client centered. From our baseline analysis to our treatments and discharge planning, every aspect of OT care is rooted in driving what matters most to you, our client. So, before we embark on your wellness journey, we encourage you to take plenty of time for reflection on what you want and what you envision for your future. It’s vital we have honest communications regarding your daily activities and hobbies. Then we can create your unique program that leads to success. Your OT will be mindful and considerate of any evolving realities.”


Tip #2 Stay Open to the Possibilities

“Your occupational therapy practitioner is an innovator and problem solver! From trying an adaptive tool so you can dress independently, to establishing a strength-based program for better balance, occupational therapists can offer unique solutions to issues you may be facing. Stay open to the possibilities!”


Tip #3 Commit to the Program

“You are the key to your success! It’s important you follow the program and all recommendations outlined in your OT sessions. Current research shows that OT can significantly reduce re-hospitalizations. By establishing client centered routines and identifying solutions for both fall reduction and medication management, following your OT program will keep you safe and healthy!”



For more information on how occupational therapy and Marquis can help you or a loved one, please download our helpful guide on Occupational Therapy FAQs or feel free to contact your local Marquis facility. We’re joyfully in the business of giving people back their best lives!