How Can You Balance Work & Caregiving During the COVID-19 Crisis?

During this unprecedented time, finding the resources to care for senior family members, while simultaneously managing a career, is challenging. Though some caregivers live with their senior loved ones, many do not. Whether your loved one lives with you or on his or her own, balancing the many responsibilities of care and work can feel overwhelming.

Marquis understands the importance of caring for aging family members and is here to help with a few  suggestions to help working families manage caregiving.

Balancing Work & Senior Care Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Good planning and communication are essential to establishing a safe and productive strategy for care.  Let’s look at ways to set yourself up for success.

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, establish a space with clear boundaries for working hours.

  • Set-up your workspace in a room with a closing door, as free from distraction as possible.
  • Designate a signal for when meetings or sensitive conversations might be occurring, such as a cute hanging sign, or a scarf over the door handle, that lets family members know that you need quiet.
  • Set a schedule for work hours, including break times, to come out and connect with family members, take a walk, or have a healthy snack on the back porch.
  • Communicate with your boss and coworkers about challenges that may arise from caregiving. You may find others in your office are experiencing similar challenges, as they are working from home as well.

If you’re working outside the home, design a structured caregiving schedule with friends, family, or other members of your care team.

  • Create a shared calendar with other family members to make sure your loved ones have their needs met. List medication times and any appointments. Having the information organized in a single place will help you to easily sync your work calendar with your family calendar.
  • Plan ahead to create fun activities for your senior loved one like craft or gardening projects that can keep them engaged while you are working.
  • Try to keep work separate from your tasks as a caregiver. Use personal hours for your duties so you can focus on work. Organization and a reliable and supportive care team will make all the difference.

Special Concerns for COVID-19 & Senior Safety

For those who have to work outside the home, it’s possible to keep your senior loved ones safer by following the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Run errands for family on the way home from work to limit the number of household members exposed to the community.
  • Wear cloth masks, or face coverings while in public, and wash them in hot water after each use.
  • Wash your hands and remove your shoes upon entering the home.
  • Maintain as much physical distances as possible with senior household members if you have been in an environment where exposure may have occurred.

Marquis understands the vital role of caregivers in helping to keep our most vulnerable community members safe and healthy. We invite you to learn more about best practices for the caregivers of senior parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

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