Agnes Attends Her First Giants Game

August 4, 2017 by KRCR News Channel 7

With help from the Marquis Shasta, Agnes Biechman went to her first Giant’s game Thursday night. Agnes has been a die-hard Giants fan most of her life. The residents at the nursing home know she can’t miss a game.

“She leaves activities early so she can go see the game, I mean, we’ll get her down, if it’s 7:00 she has to go [because] there’s a Giants game on,” Marquis Activities Director Rebecca Carney said.

Agnes said she tries her best to see every game, but that’s not always easy.

“I don’t always see the whole thing because I fall asleep,” Agnes said.

About Agnes

Agnes was born and raised in California but fell in love with a sailor from New York. She moved east with him and they started a family in New York. Agnes spent her years going to Yankee’s games with her husband and children. She played softball herself and watched years of her children play ball. Now that Agnes is back in California, she’s able to watch her Giants.

“Agnes’ heart has always been in California,” Carney said. “She’s always loved the San Francisco Giants based on where she grew up. So, it’s been her lifelong dream to actually see them play live.” The Marquis Company has a Community that encourages employees to listen to the dreams of the residents and work towards fulfilling these often lifelong aspirations. The Marquis motto is “Life, well lived” and they said it’s often hard to go into a nursing home knowing you may never leave. They want to make sure the people there keep living life to the fullest.

About New Chapters

The New Chapter Program has granted the wishes of several Redding elders. One former minor league player was given the opportunity to through out the first pitch at a Colt 45’s game. The staff game him the rehab he needed to gain the strength to throw the pitch. Another woman wanted her diploma. They got her the classes she needed to walk the stage in her cap and gown. For Agnes Biechman, she just wanted to see the Giants up close. She left the Marquis Shasta with fingers crossed she would meet her favorite player, Buster Posey.

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