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Rose Queen

18 Seems a Bit Young for a Queen

Ninety-five year-old, Marquis Mount Tabor resident Dorothy Fisher, graciously accepted her crown and royal robe Tuesday, May 24th as she was named the 2011 Rose Queen in Portland. Marquis Companies provides post acute rehab, long-term care and assisted living services to residents throughout its 26 facilities in Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho and Nevada.

The goal of the 17th annual Marquis’ Rose Queen Tea event is to celebrate the lives of senior ladies who currently make their home in a Marquis facility. Twenty-eight remarkable senior ladies from various Marquis facilities were recognized for their wit, wisdom and lives well lived.

The Royal Rosarians chose Dorothy Fisher because of her sweet nature and lifetime of athletic accomplishments. Dorothy was born and spent her childhood in New York with her seven siblings. While attending school, Dorothy participated in many sports including field hockey, archery, baseball, basketball and swimming.

Dorothy’s life got even more exciting after her marriage to John Fisher in 1938 and the births of their five children. She continued her love of sports well into adulthood, taking up golf at the age of 65 and accomplishing the rare feat of shooting a hole-in-one. She would also swim a mile every day and could swim up to 72 laps in an hour.

The one thing that Dorothy has always wanted to do, but never got around to, is piloting an airplane. The staff at Marquis Mount Tabor is working to make this dream a reality this year for their reigning Rose Queen.

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