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Marquis has always had a reputation as a place where people count. From company leadership to nursing staff, an optimistic work environment and passion about elder care motivates our people to excellence.

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As the first employee Marquis ever hired, Kathy has been with Marquis for over 19 years. Now she oversees 26 post acute rehab and assisted living facilities in five Western states, and supervises a diverse team of consultants and project managers. Her first priority is ensuring quality care and exceptional outcomes, and much of her time is spent nurturing strong facility leaders and spearheading workforce development efforts.

She’s already working with architects and other experts to design the care delivery model of tomorrow, one that would utilize the latest technology in dramatically redesigned facilities.

Almost 20 years after she started at Marquis as employee 0001, Kathy is still energized by the dedication and enthusiasm she sees resonating throughout the company every day, and rippling out to families, communities, business partners and even regulators. “If people think of Marquis whenever they think of long-term care,” she says, “then we’ve hit our mark.”

When Kathy isn’t volunteering for an advisory board or at her kids’ school, she’s remodeling homes with her husband Jeff.