Marquis Administrator in Training Program

Becoming the Best of the Best

Our organization is dedicated to providing the highest level of care, service and above all, respect to our residents and customers.  We make sure all of our employees possess the knowledge and skills to meet those requirements. photo
We firmly believe that it is strong leadership that keeps us successful.
Through our six (6) month Nursing Home Administrator in Training (AIT) program we strive to develop the natural talents of our leaders.

Marquis believes that Administrators should work hands-on and be informed about each department's functions and issues.  We believe the best way to achieve that goal is to have each AIT work side by side with employees within each department.  We know that through these experiences a future Administrator develops empathy for the day-to-day problems and concerns of their employees.  It also allows the AIT to see if current systems are enhancing or interfering with facility operations.

 The main components of the Marquis AIT Program are:
  • Preceptor training
  • AIT manual
  • Classroom training
  • Mock interviews
  • Independent reading
  • Practical experience
  • Pre-, Mid- and Post-Interviews

For more information about our AIT program view our job posting.

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