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Gemachu is always willing to lend a hand, and has been with Marquis for three wonderful years. During that time, Gemachu has had a great impact in the lives of both staff and Residents. As one Resident explains “He has a wonderful smile, and always helps me to feel safe and special. I know that he will always help me.”

The staff and Residents at Marquis Care and Vintage Suites at Piedmont would be lost without Gemachu, and we hope he knows just how much we appreciate his gentle approach and bright smile. As another Resident explains, “He makes me feel like family.”

Everyone agrees, Gemachu is a wonderful addition to the staff at Marquis Care and Vintage Suites at Piedmont. According too many of our Residents: “He is like a grandson to me.”

Congratulations Gemachu!


Legends Program Details

Through their actions and words, they bring our mission statement and philosophy to life, making a difference by:
  • Encouraging the independence, choice, individuality, privacy and dignity of our residents.
  • Offering assistance, encouragement and support to our residents' family members
  • Offering respect, compassion and support to fellow staff

How you can participate

Clients, family members and employees are encouraged to nominate employees who they see making a difference. Click the button below for a printable version of the nomination form.

Select employees are chosen monthly as "Making a Difference All-Stars". "All-Stars" are recognized at facility all-staff meetings and become eligible to be honored at the "Making a Difference Legends" Spring banquet. Photographs of the winners are proudly displayed in the facilities.

Our goal

With this special program, our goal is to recognize the unsung heroes of Marquis -- those who go above and beyond every single day. Through the selfless actions of each award winner, we can all renew our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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Our Legends